Identify if it is skin cancer with pictures

The commonest symptoms of skin cancer is a skin change, particularly a sore or a growth that does not cure. Skin cancers do not all appear identical. For instance, it may begin in the form of a tiny, smooth, bright, pale lump and also it may possibly show up as a rigid red lump. In some cases, the lump will bleed or grows a crust. Skin cancer may also begin like a flat, red-colored spot which is dry, scaly or rough. The pictures, images and photos below are classified by skin cancer type and can help you identify the one that you or a loved one may be suffering from. If you notice any skin change similar to as on one of the pictures below, you need consult your doctor immediately for full diagnosis and early treatment.

Basal cell carcinoma pictures

Squamous cell carcinoma images


Merkel cell carcinoma photos

Sebaceous gland carcinoma images

Kaposi’s sarcoma